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Firstly we listen to you. In order to establish an effective care pathway for you it's important to understand the cause of the problem and then we can do all we can to help you.

Every person is an individual and we like to treat you that way.

An examination of your foot and information on your general health and lifestyle are factors taken into consideration when devising treatment to ease your discomfort and help you help yourself. Or you may just need an MOT and reassurance all is well with your feet.

This will be followed by the all-important treatment to make you comfortable. Allow up to ¾ hour for a Podiatry assessment and up to 1 hour for MSK/biomechanics assessments.

This is a professional service and there is no need to be nervous or embarrassed. All matters are treated in confidence. We understand you maybe apprehensive, be assured we are as gentle as possible. We will offer advice, answer any questions you may have and discuss ways for you to help yourself. Guidance on foot care and footwear maximises the benefits of treatment, however periodic return visits may be required for your continued comfort.

Our society have regulations for sterility of instruments which are strictly adhered to thereby safeguarding against cross infection.

HCPC Registered
Podiatry “The care of the human foot”

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